Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Little Kids Who Play Online Video Games Should Be Put In Prison

I have two visions of what hell will be like. The first is sitting in a DMV, waiting in a endless line for my ticket to be called with no hot chicks to stare creepily at to pass the time. The second - coming within seconds of being in total peace, fixed on participating in one of my favorite hobbies, only to have it ruined by some demon spawned kid under the age of 16 yelling profanities in a high pitched voice into my ear..... or as I like to call it - playing Xbox Live.

I like video games. I have been playing them ever since I was a little kid, wasting hours of my life on the Super Nintendo. After hours of wear and tear at school and later work, nothing quite relieved the stress like a mind numbing video game.

(more coming later... hold your horses)

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